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Theale Green School

Our latest school to join the Activate Learning Educational Trust is Theale Green School – an 11-18 comprehensive school, with around 1,100 students.

In 2014, Theale Green School became a Sponsored Academy with Bradfield College, in partnership with the Department for Education.

The school was recognised as a specialist school for the arts, excelling in art, music, drama and dance, and offering a wide-ranging programme of performances and community arts activities. Theale Green School has also previously held a dual specialism in Science, has been recognised for its work with able, gifted and talented students, and currently hosts the West Berkshire centre for Autistic Spectrum Disorder students (the ASDU).

The school believes that the role of education is to nurture the growth of talent in all their students, giving them the skills and knowledge they will need to be truly effective members of society. They aim to empower students to be able to make connections with ideas, individuals and communities. The experience of learning at Theale Green School should provide a way of living, developing skills and a thirst for life-long learning.

Theale Green School maintains strong links with local primary schools, visiting them to provide or support educational experiences for young people in drama, English, Science and PE. They aim to further build on these experiences, providing a partnership that underpins a younger student's education through its different stages.

Principal: Ms Juile Turner